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Good samaritan trucker shot at roadside to spark ‘Mike’s Law’ talk

| December 16, 2014


'Mike's Law': National 'business carry' draft language and reader reaction

‘Mike’s Law’: National ‘business carry’ draft language and reader reaction

The Small Business in Transportation Coalition's petition to Congress for a federal 'business carry' program for interstate drivers had garnered 1,423 signatures as of this ...

Regular readers will be familiar with Allen and Donna Smith’s Truth About Trucking Live online radio program — I wanted to issue a little heads-up today for those of you who have a strong interest in the effort coming from the folks at the Small Business in Transportation Coalition among others around the so-called “Mike’s Law” concealed-carry permit idea for interstate transporters. As we wrote previously in this linked story and elsewhere, the law if introduced and passed would seek to provide a federal means to preempt the lack of reciprocity from state to state and locale to locale on carry laws.


Petition circulated on "right to carry" for driver self-defense

Petition circulated on “right to carry” for driver self-defense

A new "right to carry" petition is being circulated by SBTC's James Lamb. It's collecting signatures in an attempt to demonstrate that there's support for ...

On the Truth About Trucking program Thursday at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time, the Smiths will speak with Randy Tomblin, who in September of 2006 made a good-Samaritan stop for a disabled motorist near Huntington, W.Va., at around 3 a.m. As the Smiths write, “Tomblin thought to himself that there was no way he was going to let a women change a tire alone and in the dark. As he walked pass the auto, a male suddenly appeared, hitting Tomblin over the head…. Tomblin would be robbed of $200 and, as he attempted to rise to his feet, the man fired one bullet that lodged between his lower back and pelvis and still remains there today.”

You can read more about the program upcoming here. As with others, it will be available on-demand after the live airing on Thursday.

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