‘Hooked!’ — more on Homer’s custom wrecker

| March 08, 2013
Hooked: Homer Schultz' Pete wrecker

Click through the image for more pictures of the custom wrecker.

James M. Stepp pretty well summed up readers’ reactions to the 1993 Peterbilt 379 custom wrecker that is the flagship truck of Milwaukee, Wis.-based Homer Schultz’s Homer’s Custom Chrome and third-generation Homer’s Towing and Service businesses. “Really nice truck,” Stepp wrote, commenting on the story about and photos of the rig at OverdriveOnline.com, “but I’d never build a truck like that — I’d kill myself if I ever whanged anything on it.”

In his line of work, wrote Stepp, risk for such “whanging” is a regular occurrence — he wouldn’t last long.

Homers Custom Chrome t-shirt design by Swanson ArtworksOn Overdrive‘s Facebook page, the accolades continued to pile up: “I’d get stuck on purpose just to watch that thing pull me out!” wrote Lance Grabow, and Swanson Artworks artist Del Swanson shared the t-shirt design he was “lucky enough,” he says, to do for Schutz’s chrome shop last year, featuring the rig.

As for the dozens of other commenters, George E. Pangburn expressed their sentiment best: “I’m hooked!”

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