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Humor in all places: Weigh stations, auto hauler suppliers…

| April 30, 2012

That’ll be $5, driver
When we quizzed operators via Overdrive‘s Facebook page about their funniest weigh-station memories, moving van hauler Robert McConnell didn’t hesitate: “Many years ago at a Colorado scale, when you used to have to go in and get your little yellow paper, a fellow mover was there and, when asked what he was hauling, replied, ‘Bedbugs.’”

A young officer on hand “proceeded to write him up a livestock permit,” McConnell added, an older officer letting him do it just until he was ready to collect the $5 fee. The older officer then let the newbie in on what “bedbugs,” common slang for household goods, referred to in this case. “My friend was bummed,” said McConnell, “because he was going to take the permit home and have it framed.”

Other weigh station stories involved “livestock” as well — namely, a load of pachyderms who showed their displeasure at being unloaded from an overweight rig by leaving various gifts at the scale house for officers.

And how about this treasure: “Heard a father ask his son to run out and grab his log book. Son asked him, ‘Which one?'”…

Got a good one yourself? Share it here in the comments!

Whimsicality in advertising
Regular readers may well recall the funny picture of Auto Hauler’s Stephen Rowe we ran in September on the blog here, demonstrating his company’s then-new Life Saver Height Stick — on himself, answering the question, “How high am I?” Well, as you can see, he’s at it again.

Rowe sent this shot out with information on the brand-new Big Orange Autohauler Strap — the company “took 18,000-lb. strap material and sewed on the strongest hooks we could find,” Rowe says. “When we tested these at the tensile strength lab, an 11,000-lb. swivel J hook straightened out, and the stitching and webbing held like a champ.”

For auto haulers utilizing horizontal or vertical e-Track securement systems, Rowe also offers this compendium of securement products, downloadable in pdf.

Find more at Rowe was also a source in our story about online parts sourcing published in the January issue, “Click for Parts.

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