Independence Day trucking traditions

| July 04, 2013

DSC_3831The biggest one might be, well, keeping on keeping on.

“I hope I’m out at the lake,” wrote Texas-based independent owner-operator Cody Blankenship, after we asked for drivers’ July 4 plans last week on our Facebook page. “But the phone is already ringing off the hook wanting my availability.” That was well “better than the opposite,” the operator said, joining others who mulled over the possibilities of taking advantage of the day to bring in revenue.

This isn't by any means the first year TA Petro's had the July 4 free-meal-for-vets/military program in force -- this is last year's poster.

This isn’t by any means the first year TA Petro’s had the July 4 free-meal-for-vets/military program in force — this is last year’s poster.

“I’ll be on the road,” noted Kevin McGrath, “so I will take advantage of a free meal for veterans at TA or Petro” Details on the truck stops’ program for both vets and active-duty military on July 4 is here.

Not everyone was planning on another day on the road. Jim Schranz planned on enjoying peace and quiet at home, and Mike Agresto looked forward to “being out of this truck for a few days.”

While we’re at it, here’s a big shout-out to driver Don Johnson, who noted his Independence Day trucking tradition was perhaps the absolute best in more ways than one. “It’s my birthday!” Happy birthday, Don.

Whatever you’re up to today, take the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms we have , while we have them.

And if you’re out on the road, don’t forget to log that 30-minute break. Just sayin’.

Stay safe…

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