K&B Transportation Increases Pay

Overdrive Staff | March 19, 2014

K&B Transportation, a refrigerated carrier out of Sioux, City, Iowa, will raise pay for company drivers on its Midwest Regional and National fleets, effective April 28.  This raise in pay will boost company driver compensation by three cents per mile. 

Effective April 28, the starting wage for all new hires will now be 41 cents per mile, up from a prior 38 cents per mile for new hires. K&B Transportation also will continue its 2,500-mile guarantee for company drivers. This will increase the guaranteed minimum from $950 per week to $1025 per week.  This pay package also has provisions for a 1 cent per mile raise at 6 months, one year and two years, with drivers topping off at 44 cents per mile.

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