KeepTruckin ELD offered at discount for 1 year

| September 15, 2017

The KeepTruckin BYOD-style ELD “black box” connects to the ECM via cable and plugin. Options for pairing a smartphone or tablet include both a USB plug to the box and wireless Bluetooth.

Freight broker Total Quality Logistics (TQL) has partnered with smartphone logbook and electronic logging device provider KeepTruckin to offer discounts on its ELD solution for TQL-contracted carriers. The intent of the partnership is to help ensure compliance with the upcoming ELD mandate, whose enforcement date of December 18 is coming soon if nothing changes via legislation or other high-level action.


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 Through the TQL-KeepTruckin ELD promotion, the monthly $20 subscription for KeepTruckin ELD service is discounted to $16 for the first year, the broker says. The KeepTruckin ELD comes with no upfront hardware costs.

KeepTruckin also recently announced what it calls a “comprehensive partnership” with load board service provider DAT to help small carriers and owner operators comply with the mandate, while streamlining operations for business success.

DAT evaluated a broad range of ELD providers, KeepTruckin says, testing each device with multiple drivers and fleet managers. Key partnership decision criteria: ease of use for drivers, ease of administration for fleet managers, and reliability of the connection between the ELD and driver’s phone. DAT also wanted to ensure that their customers would receive great support and service at time of deployment and into the future. With 24/7 phone, email and chat support, “KeepTruckin delivers best-in-class service to drivers and fleet managers alike,” the company says.

Company CEO Shoaib Makani believes the partnership paves a path toward “the freight marketplace of the future,” he says. “ELD compliance is just the starting point.”

KeepTruckin also announced an integration with McLeod’s TMS (Transportation Management System) platform, from which fleets utilizing McLeod stand to benefit from an enhanced level of visibility, simplified driver-dispatch relations and a unified driver experience, the company says. Remaining drive time will be accessible within McLeod LoadMaster dispatch, and dispatchers will have full visibility into vehicle locations and can communicate with drivers in real-time through the KeepTruckin app. Dispatchers will be able to use McLeod TMS to send detailed load instructions to drivers in KeepTruckin, and drivers can complete forms to indicate progress, all within the app.

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