‘Mike’s Law’: National ‘business carry’ draft language and reader reaction

| September 26, 2014

Gun Control Hot ButtonFollowing the petition put forward by James Lamb of the Small Business in Transportation Coalition for a federal “right to carry” bill that would allow permitting for truckers to legally carry for personal and load protection, readers have weighed in on a variety of related subjects, from their own current carrying practice to the importance of personal protection. 


Petition circulated on "right to carry" for driver self-defense

Petition circulated on “right to carry” for driver self-defense

A new "right to carry" petition is being circulated by SBTC's James Lamb. It's collecting signatures in an attempt to demonstrate that there's support for ...

The petition had garnered 1,423 signatures as of this morning, and SBTC had likewise drafted text of potential “enabling legislation” for a federal business carry permit program and filed it with Congressional representatives, says Lamb. 

The legislation as drafted, if introduced and adopted, would be dubbed “Mike’s Law,” with consent of the wife of murdered driver Mike Boeglin, Lamb says. “We expect it be to revised, but this represents the sum and substance/intent of the bill.” You can read the text at this link. 

Though he welcomed the clarity legislation might lend to the issue of carrying firearms nationwide, reader Kevin Frank noted few problems over the years under this August story about the SBTC right-to-carry petition: “I have carried all my 31 years on the road and have had no problems even when my gun was known by officers in New York or Nebraska and many other states.” 


Navigating gun laws for truckers

The question of carrying a gun for protection is one that comes up often, and there's a lot of murkiness and misinformation regarding actual laws ...

Others argued that the appropriate fix to the issue of the current patchwork of state and municipal carrying laws already on the books might well be simply to enforce reciprocity on gun laws among permit-issuing jurisdictions. “As for any ‘special business’ Federal rule giving [truckers] special rights to carry a firearm,” wrote a reader commenting at ExplEngineer, “the correct response is to require reciprocity between all states, municipalities, etc. for everyone as there is no logical reason to do otherwise.” 

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