NASTC honors 2017 ‘America’s Best Drivers’

| November 17, 2017

At this week’s annual meeting of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, 16 drivers for member companies were honored for accident-free performance throughout million-plus-mile careers.

Tony Olvera of Shiloh, Ill., with Cayenne Express, was one among the honored drivers. Olvera’s 19 years with Cayenne have comprised much of the company’s 21-year existence, and Olvera’s safe miles stretch back over a 33-year trucking career, much of it spent within the operating orbit of his original home city of Chicago. His familiarity with his routes and practiced patience, he says, have kept him in the clear these many years. Today, he’s hauling in a 2013 Freightliner on a dedicated run between Chicago and St. Peters, Mo., which has been the case for the last six years. 

Following, find a full list of the operators honored.

Robert Murphy
9 years with Brenny Specialized
31 years, 3.5 million miles accident-free 

Carl Raue Sr.
40 years as Carl Raue Trucking
44 years, 3.2 million miles accident-free

Tony Olvera
19 years with Cayenne Express
33 years, 3.5 million miles accident-free

David Fisher
7 years with Cowen Truck Line
33 years, 2 million miles accident-free

Steve Cichon
28 years with Fischer Truck and Bus Service
30 years, 3.1 million miles accident-free

Deborah Paskman
24 years with Hercules Van Lines
32 years, 1.5 million miles accident-free

Kenny Bussell
16 years with Hetzels Overland Transport
35 years, 2 million miles accident-free

Kurt Schimelpfenig
15 years with Hull Transport
45 years, 5.1 million miles accident-free

Dion Milliken
20 years with Jade Tank Lines
25 years, 2.5 million miles accident-free

Craig Searcy
16 years with K.D. On-Time
28 years, 2.4 million miles accident-free

Larry Campbell
6 years as Lawrence Campbell & Family Trucking
38 years, 4 million miles accident-free

Ron Snodie
25 years with RSR Services
20 years, 2 million miles accident-free

Jon Ullrich
3 years with Sterling Auto Carrier
35 years, 4.5 million miles accident-free

Keith Werner
17 years with Tom Gullickson
17 years, 2.3 million miles accident-free

Andy Ziemann
6 years with Triple R Trucking
13 years, 1.6 million miles accident-free

Mike Stratton
13 years with Waletich Corp.
35 years, 4 million miles accident-free

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