New heavy-haul load marketplace

| March 21, 2017

FR8 Revolution, based in Oakland, Calif., has launched the new FR8Star Heavy Haul Marketplace. The marketplace employs a patent-pending rate calculator for pricing oversize/overweight loads, including up-to-date state permit fees and escort costs.

The company’s rate calculator is intended to give shippers reliable pricing estimates, optimal routes and the ability to request quotes directly from carriers. Carriers bidding for these loads also have access to the FR8Star rate calculator, so they can submit a competitive and educated quote. FR8Star is not a broker, the company says. Instead, the company facilitates the transaction for a transparent fee. The shipper and carrier complete their contract directly with one another through the platform.

The permitting function breaks down each state’s permit structure, erasing confusion when estimating costs and selecting optimal routes. Some states base their fees on size or weight, while others charge flat fees. FR8Star’s rate calculator factors in these various fees for oversize and over-dimensional loads.

“We have a problem today because many brokers don’t have a good sense of what the price of overweight or oversize freight should be, so they underbid to carriers or overprice to shippers. This causes inefficiency in matching shippers to qualified carriers and hurts carrier’s profit margins,” said Matthew Kropp, FR8 Revolution’s CEO. “Ultimately, shippers end up paying too much while carriers struggle to turn a profit. It’s time to level the playing field for carriers and shippers.”

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