Omnitracs updates Roadnet Anywhere app, adds route optimization features

| February 13, 2017

Omnitracs’ latest update to its Roadnet Anywhere software adds more route optimization options for drivers and fleets.

The latest update to Omnitracs’ Roadnet Anywhere software (v4.4) allows users of the program to optimize their routes and measure the effectiveness of different routes.

The update provides users with a comparison of the “Business Optimal” route – which takes into consideration customer delivery windows, order of deliveries and other constraints – to the “True Optimal” route, which is theoretically the best route with no constraints. Omnitracs says comparing the actual routes with the optimal routes can give more insights for routing decisions.

Additionally, the update introduces the MyStats page in the Roadnet mobile app, which gives drivers a real-time look at their performance on a specific route, and drivers that are ahead or behind schedule can adjust their performance without being notified by a manager.

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