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Overdrive editor gets blogged

| August 26, 2009

If you think you’re into your equipment, get over to the blog of Minnesota-based photographer Chris Grey, a friend of Overdrive contributing editor Paul Hartley, the best big-rig photographer I know. Grey recently got a taste of Hartley’s work shooting heavy trucks in his photo business on a dual shoot at a Minnesota International dealership. And as Grey puts it, “I’m a ‘Look at that huge machine isn’t that cool?’ guy while [Hartley, a former over-the-road driver,] is more of a ‘Let’s drop the transmission and see what’s inside’ guy.” (You may recall Hartley from my post on his shoot in Wilmington, Ill., picked up by the local paper last year.)

As Grey notes, and as I know from experience, Hartley travels with a small trailer-load of photo equipment that “would cost at least a grand in luggage fees at an airport.” You can see some of that gear in background of the photo below, shot by Grey and posted to his blog.

“Had I known his intentions ahead of time,” Hartley says about the blog post, “I would have organized the gear … much more neatly.

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