Caught on camera: Attempted insurance fraud?

| May 13, 2016

The extreme-brake-check entries are growing in Overdrive’s Dashcam Central repository for reader-submitted and other videos of on-highway events. After a video earlier in the year in which trucker Anthony Johnson nearly rear-ended a four-wheeler who “tried to get me to run into the back of them” after passing on the right, Carroll Fulmer Logistics’ Risk Manager Josh Fulmer shared a similar incident caught on his company’s in-cab cameras on the George Washington Bridge into New York City.


Anthony Johnson presents ‘Crazy four wheeler’

Trucker Anthony Johnson notes he was running southbound in New Jersey on route 55 when the "crazy four wheeler tried to get me to run ...

On Oct. 28, 2014, a hard-brake event on the bridge triggered the driver-/road-facing camera in one of Fulmer’s trucks to capture a black van cutting hard in front of the truck. It then quickly decelerated for no apparent reason, stopping in a center lane as traffic continued on both sides.

“Our safety department called the [truck] driver,” Fulmer says, who had “seen this guy do it to a couple other semis already” that day. “He was ready for it. Things like that, the driver’s obviously aware of things going on around him. And it does happen a lot, at least half a dozen in the last year. … Sometimes you make contact, sometimes you don’t.”

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