Public ignorant to costs added to goods by trucking regulations: Part 3 of OD spot on Road Dog

| February 06, 2014

In the third segment of his talk on Mark Willis’ Road Dog Trucking News show last month, Overdrive Executive Editor Jack Roberts said the public doesn’t realize the burden it bears in paying for goods with prices elevated by regulations placed on the trucking industry. 


Bush didn’t overturn emissions regs, public needs truck education: Part 2 of OD visit to Road Dog

In the second segment of OD's Jack Roberts' visit to Mark Willis' Road Dog Trucking News show, Roberts recalls the trucking industry's rejoicing over the ...

Roberts talk with Willis centered on political party ideologies and their relationship to trucking regulations, with Roberts’ point being — stemming from a blog post he wrote last month — that trucking catches regulatory flack no matter what party is in control. 

Moreover, the public, due to mostly misunderstanding of the trucking industry, doesn’t mind trucking regulations, as they think it makes the roads safer. 

Click here to listen to the first segment of Roberts’ appearance, and click here to listen to the second segment.

Click here to read his blog post, “Trucking — the country’s easiest regulatory target?”, that the radio appearance is based on.

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