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Put your duck-trucking hats back on, drivers

| August 08, 2017

Regular readers may well recall trucker Joe Mansheim’s ridealong partner, a duck named Frank that came to prominence around the Internet with a local-news report some years back. Mansheim was later part of our Most Loved Pets round a few years back, featuring the wide variety of truckers’ furry (or feathered) friends on the road. As Mansheim said at the time: “I think if everyone had a duck in their truck, the world would be a better place!”

The video above, though, from KARE 11 in Minneapolis, details the sad news of Frank’s death earlier this year. Mansheim’s found himself a new billed riding partner, however — the perhaps more magnanimous Eddy, who, KARE reports, “is curious and playful … where Frank could be charmingly grumpy at times.” Catch more photos of Joe and his infamous feathered friends via the KARE report here.

If you’ve got a ridealong partner, upload a picture with a little information about your operation and codriver to the gallery via this link. We’ll round up any shots in a later post.

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