Rand McNally unveils new IntelliRoute truck-specific GPS, mobile ELD compatibility

| August 22, 2014
Rand McNally's updated TND 730 unit.

Rand McNally’s updated TND 730 unit.

Rand McNally introduced Aug. 21 at the Great American Trucking Show new, updated versions of its line of truck-specific GPS units, the IntelliRoute TND. It also announced its HD 100 electronic logging device now works with smart phones, tablets and its IntelliRoute GPS devices. 

Updated IntelliRoute devices:

The new 730 and 530 TND models — 7-inch and 5-inch units, respectively — have redesigned, sleeker hardware and an updated user interface, along with a faster processor.

The devices are thinner than previous models, but the units are “still rugged enough to withstand the in-cab environment,” Rand McNally says.

The faster processor allows for quicker route calculations, point of interest searches, route comparisons and faster transitions.

The two new interface designs are cleaner and more modern, Rand McNally says, but users can also still opt to use the “classic design.”

Rand McNally says its maps have also been upgraded with improved text and road shields, new coloration and more personalization.

Rand McNally says the new navigation options allow drivers to further tailor routes to individual preferences:

Estimated toll road costs are now included for more informed trip planning. A driver may choose to incorporate toll costs in the Compare Routes feature.

More advanced lane guidance instruction that show drivers the best lanes in which to drive when approaching a turn or heading toward a complicated intersection.

Avoid Areas option allows drivers to avoid areas permanently – such as residential locations – or temporarily to accommodate closures of bridges or other roads; blocked areas can be drawn on screen, or selected by road segment.

Multi-Stop trip planning now provides detail for upcoming legs of the journey, color-coded for differentiation. There is also a zoomable summary map view of the full trip showing the various segments.

HD 100 logging device news:

Rand McNally says its electronic logging device is compliant with the proposed federal mandate, and that the system is now compatible with smartphones and tablets. The interface app for the device is available on both iOS and Android, Rand McNally said.

Rand McNally says the device can also be used as a fleet management system, depending on the service plan chosen with the device. It is about the size of a deck of cards and plugs into a truck’s on-board diagnostic port. 

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