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Simple diet shifts for weight loss, breaking free of apnea, more

| October 29, 2013

I’ve heard time and again from former sufferers of the obstructive sleep apnea condition that found their way out of it via a simple — thought not always easy, of course — method. Losing weight. 


Amid government shutdown furor, a tap on the sleep apnea brakes

Amid government shutdown furor, a tap on the sleep apnea brakes

For now. There are indications that Congressional mandating of FMCSA taking a rulemaking approach to any apnea regulation would slow the process down, though some ...

As noted a commenter under a recent poll about the condition that we ran here on, some people with sleep apnea end up getting treated and improving the quality of their sleep, which, combined with diet modifications and a regular exercise regime, can lead to weight loss. Following such a dramatic health improvement, getting re-tested with a sleep study could be in order to see whether you really need treatment any longer. The commenter made note of his wife’s situation — after losing weight, she no longer required the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine at night. In essence, the condition was “cured,” as it were. 

Owner-operator Earl Atlandt

Owner-operator Earl Atlandt

We caught up with owner-operator Earl Atlandt, leased to Landstar, recently — while he’s never been diagnosed with apnea, he’s a success story in weight loss, as he told us. And his story shows that perseverance on a few simple changes can do the trick to shed the pounds. Hear his story in the video below.

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