Stay in control of your warranty

| February 22, 2013

Manufacturers can invalidate warranties for many reasons. Here are some tips to keep you in the clear:

• Keep all service records to help verify your maintenance habits.

• With coolant/antifreeze, ensure not just that the quantity is sufficient and that dilution is proper, but that coolant additives are adequately replenished.

As you inspect wires and hoses, ensure that they are not
contacting each other or major components.

• Do routine inspections of common problem items such as hoses, clamps, belts, harnesses, radiator cap, seals, tire pressure, clutch adjustment (even with a self-adjusting clutch) and transmission and axle breather/air-vent locations.

• Inspect suspension systems for proper torque on U-bolts, frame bolts and mounting hardware.

• Adhere to manufacturer specs for oil, other fluids and grease.

• Do not extend oil changes beyond manufacturer limits unless you do oil analysis and get engine maker approval.

• Heed dashboard warning lights.

• Use a low-enough gear when starting to drive and shift smoothly.

• Avoid excessive idling.

• Do not over-rev the engine during extended downhill braking.

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