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Union campaign to boost inspection dollars tars truckers

Can you imagine your state's government employees resorting to something like this? The image here is of a billboard, among other similar ads that are part of a campaign being waged by British Columbia, Canada's weigh-station inspection force for more funding, attempting to exploit the general public's supposed fear of Class 8 on-highway trucks. The Canadian Today's Trucking publication has a great story about the effort, spearheaded by the B.C. Government and Employees Union -- and North ...

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Fighting the ‘cold war’ with Ted Nugent

With winter weather well on its way, and with it the looming threat of a gelling stranglehold on your fuel tanks, Power Service Products hope's you'll take note of their "Buy American/Made in the U.S.A." winter campaign, featuring none other than rock legend Ted Nugent (pictured). An "Uncle Ted Killer Offer" promotional campaign to help you fight the cold war is coming to a truckstop near you -- four bucks back on an 80-oz bottle of ...

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