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She’s taking all the torque she can, Jim. We’re at critical mass.

Have you ever read something "so terrible you just can't imagine a real human being pieced it together and hope that someone has an imminently evil computer program to stitch together an AP article about trucking?" Plenty examples this week ...

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Jabin Bogan’s Mexico entry re-enacted

The latest news, from AP reporter Juan Carlos Llorca in El Paso, Texas, notes that on July 5, U.S. truck driver Jabin Bogan's defense team gathered with local officials, prosecutors (which is trying Bogan on smuggling charges) and experts to "reenact" the alleged wrong turn that saw Bogan enter Mexico with a load of surplus ammunition bound for Phoenix Unfortunately, last week was a long-planned week off for myself and family and I missed the news ...

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Toll evasion = life sentence for Chinese ag hauler

After public outcry over the severity of the life prison sentence handed down to a hauler of agricultural commodities for evading road tolls in China, the Chinese government is reportedly revisiting the sentence and has put court officials who handed it down under investigation themselves, according to this AP report on the subject. The hauler, Shi Jianfeng, had apparently gotten around $560,000 U.S. worth in tolls by running two trucks with fake military license plates. Military ...

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