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Alert network for missing drivers formed

  Any time a driver goes missing out on the road it's a nightmare for back-office personnel, friends and, of course, the family back home. A recent case spawned a Facebook group dedicated to resolving disappearances more quickly through the crowd-sourcing that online social networks have made easy. The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network was launched by Kari Fisher and Hal Kiah after North Carolina hauler Mark Williams Sr. was reported missing after he failed to make ...

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Divine intervention at its best: A truck accident in Guam

What happens when a loaded straight dump loses its brakes on a downhill run and collides head-on with a tanker truck loaded with jet fuel? Not what you might expect. Reporter Brett Kelman, writing in the Pacific Daily News, reports that Guam Governor Eddie Calvo (pictured) was proclaiming the relatively ho-hum aftermath, with mostly minor injuries, as an act of God. On the way to the big collision, the dump missed the governor by a mere ...

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Truck parking casualties of the Minnesota government shutdown

As if drivers and owner-operators didn't have enough parking problems, the government shutdown in Minnesota will make it at least a wee bit -- if not more than that, of course -- more difficult to find a decent spot if taking off-duty rest in the state's borders. Monday, a state judge denied the Minnesota Trucking Association's petition to keep the rest areas open, stating that, according to the MTA, rest area operations were "non-critical government ...

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