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World’s Toughest Trucker — premiering on Discovery Monday

Since I wrote briefly last Friday about this TV show, one in a long line of trucking shows to have debuted over the last year, I've garnered a little more info. Not least among it is the fact that Overdrive's own new blogging owner-operator, Landstar expediter Phil Madsen, was himself approached last year by the show's producers to compete. His reponse? If you missed his "The world's toughest trucker I am not" post, check it ...

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‘Talented truckers’ TV show looking for … talented truckers

A television production company has a rather off-the-wall idea it's helping one of the major cable channels develop -- it wants to create a talent-competition-type series (a la American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, et al) that plays out on location at, well, a truck stop. And in the spirit of radio truck driver talent hours and other such showcases, they want  the crooners, musicians, comedians, dancers, jugglers, you name it, among the nation's long- ...

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