Thunder rolls and anaconda blankets

Wendy's exegesis on the lored “thunder blanket for humans, ... a blanket that weighs enough to 'give you the sensation of being gently hugged.'" It's advertisements promise "to simulate a 'loving squeeze' for people who feel anxious."

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Back cradle for drivers

The Orthotic Cradling System is a portable sitting device designed to “float” the user’s spinal system over the sitting surface like a natural shock absorber for comfort and injury prevention. It automatically corrects sitting posture and relieves pain for those who have back discomfort from sitting upright while driving. BACKJOY,

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Sleeper mattresses

The 7-in. thick innerspring mattress has a three-layer quilted design to prevent tearing and limits horizontal motion. It has a straight-cut foam topper on the top and bottom of the mattress to provide added comfort. The 5-in. thick high-density foam mattress offers full body support from its design, the company says. Both mattresses are available in seven sizes and come in a tight-roll package that allows them to be transported. TRP Aftermarket Parts,, (425) 392-2611

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