Dale Watson

Couple recent releases from ‘Truckin’ Sessions’ singer-songwriter Dale Watson

Known among truckers for his "Truckin' Sessions" series of records -- the first released in 1998 and the second in 2009 -- country singer-songwriter Dale Watson has been active the last year or two with another "Truckin' Sessions" volume (2014) and the new "Call Me Insane" album as well. (Listeners can stream the third trucking-tunes volume below). The Wall Street Journal recently sat down with the artist for a talk about his music, which you ...

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Roadside Attractions

A trucker helps grant a wish, smoothing the pavement, how to cut tension, a truck gallery and more trucking industry news items are featured.

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Freewheelin’s top 10 trucking songs after 1985

With Overdrive's September 50th anniversary issue hard on the way, and considering folks at the Great American Trucking Show got a sneak peak at the 50 top technical milestones John Baxter and oiur editorial crew put together, I thought I'd offer up a little for you. You'll recall our all-time top ten trucking songs, of course, a nice collection of tunes from the golden age. While the classics garner recognition in the all-time list, trucking music ...

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