Senate DOT bill, unlike House, skips changes to ELD mandate, driver breaks

The Senate’s 2018 fiscal year DOT appropriations does not include any changes to the coming electronic logging device mandate, nor does it include the so-called Denham Amendment, which intends to block states from enacting rest break laws for truck drivers. The House version of the bill does include such reforms.

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Trucker pay reform efforts at state level could be stymied by revival of Denham Amendment

Congress is again considering legislation that would block state-level efforts to dictate driver pay reforms and hours of service restrictions. The so-called Denham Amendment, first brought to the table by Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) in 2015, seeks to reassert federal authority over hours of service regulations and the industry’s standard per-mile driver pay model.

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GOP dominance could derail efforts to reform driver pay

Trucking industry lobbyists hope to leverage fresh Republican control in Washington, D.C., to pass the so-called Denham Amendment, which would prevent enforcement of state-level laws dictating truck drivers’ time and pay. Opponents say the measure would slam the door on driver pay reform efforts.

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