Fair or foul? Self-examination via the four-wheeler perspective

We've brought it up from time to time here, no doubt -- no secret that the large majority of on-highway accidents involving large trucks follow an initial mistake made by the driver of a four-wheeled vehicle of one sort or another. By and large, truck drivers are justified in holding a desultory opinion of the piloting abilities of the motoring public writ large, and most keep it high in their minds navigating the nation's highways, ...

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Stand-up treadmill desk begs question…; cargo theft connection to Jason’s Law?

In the P.R. copy blasted out with announcements about the new TrekDesk Treadmill Desk, the company talks about the dangers of the "sedentary lifestyle," noting studies of various characters that have probed "rising obesity rates and ill health caused by 'Sitting Disease' (a term given to the multitude of syndromes and diseases caused by sedentary lives)." Though I imagine the flatbedders out there would take issue with any characterization of their jobs as totally lacking in ...

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