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FMCSA denies OOIDA’s petition to exempt small carriers from ELD mandate


A petition to the U.S. DOT asking for a reprieve from ELD compliance for small carries with clean safety records has been denied, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association announced Tuesday.

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New bill would require study of driver loss as a result of mandated ELDs

Few recent "driver-shortage" stories about trucking capacity in mainstream media even bother to mention the ELD mandate. Mainstream reporters might get some officially sanctioned data to undergird reporting on the driver-dissatisfaction/mandated-ELDs subject if a recently introduced House bill is successful.

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Comments due Thursday on application to exempt small carriers from ELD mandate

PeopleNet ELD

Owner-operators have until late Thursday night to file formal public comments on an application requesting a compliance exemption from the ELD mandate for carriers with fewer than 50 employees, which obviously includes independent owner-operators. It's unclear if the waiver would apply to owner-operators who are leased to a larger carrier. 

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ZED Connect offering ELD to former One20 members for $20

ZED Connect, a subsidiary of Cummins, launched a “Summer Switch Program” in which former One20 users get lifetime access to the ZED-ELD hardware and ELD, including IFTA reporting, for a one-time shipping and handling charge of $20 per device and no monthly fee for life.

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New avenue for requesting more time to replace a malfunctioning ELD

A new centralized email, while still routed to the appropriate field office to make extension determinations, officials say, should also have the effect of allowing FMCSA headquarters to keep tabs on the ELD "malfunctions occurring across the country."

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A new way to do reefer washouts: Produce broker’s ‘Healthy Trailer’ machine

Produce broker Pam Young's response to the Food Safety Modernization Act's new FDA rules for sanitary transportation of fresh food was to conceive of and build a new automated reefer washout machine that incorporates a variety of sanitary techs, including the use of UV light, among others.

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A health case for hours of service change

Truck stop parking lot at night

Leased owner-operator Clifford Peterson: "Those who make the case for the hours of service status quo ignore the health and well-being of an American icon, the over-the-road truck driver, in favor of maintenance of the bottom line."

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Hours of service violation rate cut in half under ELD mandate, FMCSA says

In the months leading up to the December 18, 2017, deadline for adoption, the percentage of inspections including an hours violation fell slightly to 1.2 percent. In the most recent two full months, since so-called hard enforcement of the ELD mandate began, that percentage has dropped to 0.69 percent (April) and 0.64 percent (May), according to FMCSA’s figures.

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Mailbag round on the One20 F-ELD’s demise; freight-partnership talk with a West Coast produce broker

This edition of Overdrive Radio presents a bit of a mailbag round with two haulers' thoughts on the One20 F-ELD's demise. The bulk of the podcast features a frank talk with Calif. produce broker Pam Young about freight partnerships and her core base of small fleets and owner-ops.

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House bill would make modest hours of service changes, address split sleeper rule, nix ELD supporting docs

Flatbed semi-truck

The legislation is the latest in a string of bills proposed this year targeting hours of service reforms, spurred in part by the implementation of the ELD mandate

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