Staying in the race

When you mention trucks sto somebody outside of this industry, the first image that usually comes to their minds is a “Mack Truck;” a big, primitive, lumbering, decidedly low-tech brute of a machine that lasts for years before finally, falling apart in a noisy cloud of rust and soot. That’s not reality, though, is it?

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High-altitude jumper was also a …

Yeah, you guessed it. Today over on the CCJ blog find the story of onetime New Jersey-based truck driver Nick Piantanida (pictured), who also holds the distinction of being a 1960s pioneer of extreme high-altitude skydiving -- and who holds the unofficial record for the highest-ever manned balloon flight, 123,500 feet. He was trying to beat a U.S. Air Force colonel's jump record on that flight, though things went awry. Ever persistent -- and "a self-styled adventurer who ...

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