handheld phone use

Truckers to DOT: ‘Smartphones are winning’

Smartphones are whipping the Department of Transportation in the battle for the attention of the motoring public, wrote Whitesboro, Texas-based Pennco Transportation driver Martin Groseclose on Overdrive’s Facebook page, in response to last week's news of the DOT’s strategy for dealing with the epidemic of four-wheeler distracted driving. If you missed said news, check it out via this link -- it detailed plans to encourage states to pass anti-handheld phone use/texting laws and efforts to ...

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Alabama bans behind-the-wheel texting for all

With the law, Alabama becomes the 38th state to ban handheld phone use while driving for drivers of all vehicles.

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Idaho, Alaska legislatures ban handheld texting while driving

Alaska and Idaho become the 37th and 38th states to ban texting while driving for all motorists.

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