Go Cubs? Forrest, Ill.-based Dave Marti Trucking’s custom 2015 Peterbilt 389 glider

Marti's custom 389 glider, "High Maintenance Too", was a hit at the Guilty by Association Truck Show. Spec'd with Fitzgerald for liquid bulk tank, the 389 hauls fuel leased to Transport Service Inc. in the region around Marti's home base.

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Doctor my eyes

"Sometimes, it's hard to let other people touch the truck. I'll probably need to work on that, right after I get done worrying myself to death about whether or not the headlights are going to fall out. Owning a truck is so much fun."

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Sylvania 300 continues Cup chase this weekend with attendant spotlight on haulers

The "Hauler Headlights for Safer Nights" initiative from the Sylvania company showcases its premium halogen bulbs at the New Hampshire NASCAR race Sunday, Sept. 22.

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