Haul Road to the Himalayas: Interviewing Lisa Kelly

The current "IRT: Deadliest Roads" season of the "Ice Road Truckers" reality-TV series franchise on the History Channel aired its second episode last night, after a launch the previous Sunday that garnered 3.4 million viewers. It pits North American drivers from past seasons, as well as a new face, against the incomparably rugged terrain and chaotic cities of the Himalayas.(Read a summary of IRT's second episode here.) If you saw it, you came into contact with ...

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It’s true — ‘Sexiest Trucker Alive’ did go to the Himalayas: ‘IRT: Dealiest Roads’ premieres

They were speaking truth over at Esquire mag when, as I wrote here in June, they noted that their annointed "Sexiest Trucker Alive," Ice Road Truckers star and Alaskan Dalton Highway hauler Lisa Kelly (pictured), was in the Himalayas filming a television show. It was announced today that the new History Channel series "IRT: Deadliest Roads," in which Kelly and other IRT notables -- Alex Deborgorski and Rick Yemm among them -- tackle "the world’s ...

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