Rapper 50 cent rear-ended by … a lesser-known Kool Keith track

Over on the Juice blog at Billboard's website, word is rapper 50 Cent (pictured) collided with a Mack truck on the Long Island Expressway after the driver's load shifted, causing him to lose control of the rig. (The driver was OK.) Many of you may remember 50's "In Da Club" record from 2003, whose rolling rhythms were near inescapable from the windows of all manner of vehicles for years following. But 2003 also happens to be the ...

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Rockin’ down the highway with new Bell seat covers

The Bell Automotive company is now offering seat covers that bring to mind my teenage trips to Myrtle Beach, S.C., state of my rearing, when I spent several years infatuated with the many (and I do mean many) t-shirt shops specializing in the heavy-hair-metal bands of the day. Some of those shirts survive buried in drawers in my house, and just looking at Bell's new line of seat covers makes me, alternately, cringe and revel ...

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