Joe Bechtold

Roadside Attractions

Red Giant makes big boast, a truck driver musician plus Gauges, Truck Gallery, Channel 19 and more industry news items.

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Truck Stop Missouri redux; American Trucker GATS episode tonight

Truck Stop Missouri a 'trucking ambassador' in reality? After my interview posted yesterday with Joe Bechtold, General Manager of the Midway Truck Stop and Travel Plaza that is the subject of the Truck Stop Missouri TV show on the Travel Channel, a longtime commenter on the Channel 19 blog took issue with Bechtold's characterization of the show as a positive for the image of the trucking industry generally -- and the American driver in particular. Bandit, ...

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A trucking ambassador: Interviewing ‘Truck Stop Missouri’ star Joe Bechtold

The Truck Stop Missouri series on the Travel Channel has been running for a couple of months now, featuring the goings on in and around the 12 business that make up the Midway Travel Plaza between St. Louis and Kansas City in Missouri, I-70 exit 121. Midway General Manager Joe Bechtold (pictured) has seen his expectations realized in many respects. "Has it brought in more business?" I asked him yesterday. "Yes. Definitely," he said, simply, as ...

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