Law Enforcement

Speeding ticket insurance?

A new service offers "Prepaid Traffic Tickets," investments as a sort of hedge against the likelihood of getting a speeding or other ticket in a specific amount of time in the future -- all while stressing that it does not in fact condone or encourage folks to speed. Basically, the company issues a voucher to an individual for a specified price ($13.33, for instance) reedeemable for a certain amount ($100) to go toward paying a speeding ticket ...

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Honeybees get revenge on bear

North Carolina Wake County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Jenkins had to sit in his cruiser for upwards of 15 hours yesterday after a truck driver under a load of honeybees had been disabled west of Raleigh. "The truck driver," CNN reported, was on his way to Rocky Mount, N.C., and "had been hauling the bees at night, when they are quiet and not apt to fly." Jenkins responded to a report of someone "possibly being attacked by ...

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Anonymous trucker heroism after officer’s high-speed injury

When Eastern Adams County, Pa., officer Richard H. Phillips, 40, caught the back end of a tractor-trailer at the intersection of U.S. 30 and state road 94 south of Harrisburg in rural eastern Pennsylvania, he was in pursuit of a small car flying eastbound on 30 for unreported reasons, and when his vehicle burst into flames he suffered what is being described as a "critical" injury. But the account published at the law-enforcement news site suggests ...

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