When the bees stopped helping the potatoes

"Don't send a potato to represent the interests of the grapes. Also, if you're going to wine, put it in the right cask. One more thing: don't poop in your own vineyard and expect to have a lot of visitors, especially from worker bees."

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More on broker bond increase, highway bill

Given the June 30 hard deadline for the highway reauthorization negotiations ongoing between House and Senate, it's likely that any highway bill that successfully emerges, whether longer term or another six-month-or-more extension of current priorities, is more or less already finished. Regardless, following my last post on the issues of the EOBR mandate and broker surety bond minimum increase included in the Senate's MAP-21 two-year reauthorization, James Lamb, president of the Association of Independent Property Brokers ...

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Truckers lobbied to support National Pork Rind Day

This wouldn't be the salty snack's first appearance on the Channel 19 blog. For that, we'd have to go back to August 2010, when a driver choked on one and his rig left the roadway -- and didn't spur mainstream media calls for a ban on eating behind the wheel. All the same, Ohio-based Rudolph Foods, makers of the pork rinds pictured here, spent all day Sept. 14 giving out bags of its barbecue, spicy and ...

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