Podcast: ‘Make mad money! Be a freight broker!’: Independent James Woods on a culture of dishonesty among middlemen

The push for maximum profit, whatever the cost in toil or honesty be damned, clearly infects some corners of the trucking industry, to the detriment, too often, of those doing the work of hauling the freight. That's the message of independent James Woods, who spoke for this edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast on subjects of transactional transparency, fair dealing and more.

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OOIDA on bond increase: Large brokers not the problem

I spoke to Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association Executive Vice President Todd Spencer about the broker minimum bond increase issue earlier this week. The conversation followed posts to the blog looking at opposition to the measure (to raise it from $10,000 to $100,000) from small brokerages and their advocates, who have been reaching out to owner-operators hoping for a little small-business camaraderie. They paint the bond-increase proposal as an attempt by large brokerages and the biggest ...

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