No parking

Don’t ban me, bro

"The communities that choose the knee-jerk reaction of banning trucks aren't looking to solve problems, they're looking for a band-aid to slap on the gaping wound of parking and big truck issues."

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The parking shortage and North Carolina’s ‘data-driven’ enforcement

How counting disabled vehicles as "parked" vehicles contributed to the expansion of N.C.'s truck parking enforcement effort last year. High time more states attracted tax revenue by encouraging parking facility development rather than going after $25 fines and court costs.

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‘No Parking’ — another day in the trucking headlines

As the folks with report a soon-to-be-released musical paean to the truck parking legislation known as Jason's Law, there are at least two new blows to truck parking availability worldwide: The first comes from Arnold, Mo., where state rep and former truck driver Tim Meadows was on record supportingĀ an aggressive local ban on truck parking on on- and off-ramps in the city limits, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about the ban. "We have ...

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