PC-Miler with hours manager

ALK Technologies introduction of the hours manager into PC-Miler software allows for better small fleet back-office planning around required breaks, among top problems with the hours of service recently identified by Overdrive readers.

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PC*Miler software update

Version 28 includes new tools and enhanced functionality geared around the need for greater customization, providing the safest, most effective routing for each customer’s specific business needs.

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ALK Technologies upgrades PC*MILER routing software

The ALK Technologies PC*MILER 26 routing, mileage and mapping software line now includes new interactive map features, Fastest Routing and RouteSync functionality for route compliance, as well as other features. PC*MILER 26 provides an increased ability to interact with the PC*MILER RouteMap for more effective route visualization and customization. The new Fastest Routing feature allows users to find the fastest route to the destination via historical and real-time traffic data. RouteSync is a new capability that ...

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