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Grassroots advocacy, redux — more on last week’s meetings in Congressional offices

Talking with Va.-based HHG-hauling owner-operator Dave McCauley about the meeting he initiated with Senator Ted Cruz, attended by truckers from different groups and locales -- he urges drivers to do similar: "Go talk to these people. They put their pants on the same way we do in the morning."

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Revisiting the cross-border program — in Mexico

U.S.-based cross-border carriers continue to operate into Mexico -- a lookback on past reporting on the program shows little progress in the U.S.-Mexican economic/political relationship.

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Tonight: CSA 2010 round robin, webinar on gaining authority

A message yesterday from the folks with AsktheTrucker.com about their online radio show, Truth About Trucking, scheduled for 5 p.m. EST this afternoon, detailed the 40 questions the program hopes to answer about CSA 2010 (see below for a full list), delayed from July implementation for carriers to November but no less fraught with complexities and, yes, areas provoking all manner of lines of inquiry. Truth About Trucking host Allen Smith collected the questions direct ...

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