Robert Olivier

Strikes, stonings back in the South African trucking mix

A three-week work stoppage by a majority of South African drivers that resorted in trucker-to-trucker violence shows history can repeat itself just one year on.

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Roadside Attractions

A live necklace, a chance to win a flatbed, a heroic trucker, striking truck drivers in South Africa and record cargo theft are among the trucking issues featured.

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South African driver strike approaching closure after a violent week

Always a shame to see haulers around the world taking out their on-road frustrations on their peers. The news in South Africa this morning (photo of striking drivers by Lerato Maduna) is that, after a week of work stoppage by drivers' unions in that nation that saw more than a little violence perpetrated on haulers who kept running during the strike, the unions leading it have come to an agreement for a two-year phased-in 17.5 ...

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