Landstar’s new Laredo facility

The 31,000-square-foot logistics facility is located on a 50-acre site that accommodates 450 trailers and provides room for future expansion. A heavy/specialized freight area with a custom 120-ton, stand-alone bridge crane, the company says, can transload the largest superloads.

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Parking: Creative approach meets small-minded resistance in Hutchins, Texas

Where parking needs may increasingly be met: Efforts by fleets, shippers and receivers, even your preferred service location, to accommodate overnight truck parking needs.

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Trucking up out of the water with Nashville fleets

While the story of the disastrous flooding my hometown experienced last May is still being written in many respects (the downtown TravelCenter of America location, as you'll note from the picture, is still closed), there have been some recent bright moments. Vice President Tim Smith with TCW told me a couple weeks back his carrier's terminal on heavily-affected Visco Dr. in Nashville had been fully rebuilt and was well operating, for instance. And last Wednesday's ...

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