tire inflation systems

Former operator James Brotz and the Super-Air on-board tire-inflation system

Former driver James Brotz details the Super-Air on-board tire inflation system, detailing efficacy in improving tire life and avoiding road calls for flats. Do you have experience with such a system? There are several on the market today.

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Meritor tire inflation system ups infuel economy

Use of Meritor’s tire inflation system can improve infuel economy up to 1.4 percent, the Troy, Mich.-based truck parts maker said. Developed by Pressure Systems International, the tire inflation system was tested by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s research division. Gordon Food Service, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Sheetz Inc., based in Altoona, Pa., participated in the tests. The tire inflation system is a “simple design that can be installed on any type of trailer,” ...

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