tornado outbreak of 2011

More tornado aid coming from the trucking industry

It keeps coming. If you missed the feature on the trucking industry's response to this spring's horrendous series of devastating tornadoes in Truckers News' current issue by Caroline Taylor, click through this picture from the magazine (taken in the city of the magazine's headquarters, Tuscaloosa, Ala.) for the full feature. Since it was written, various other companies have teamed up to offer various forms of aid, including Shell Oil Co. in Joplin, Mo. Shell teamed up ...

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Analyst: Blame Fed’s liquidity flood for high oil/diesel

The good news is that skyrocketing oil prices, like slasher movies, are truly frightening only the first time you watch one. They get less scary with repetition. But being less scary doesn't change the basic facts. Markets need both hedgers and speculators to function properly. When they lose balance, they no longer function according to true supply and demand. --journalist Ed Wallace, writing in Bloomberg Businessweek Up, up, up... Excessive speculation is taken as a given ...

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