Buyer's remorse

Dear Carolyn, My wife has changed since we got married. When we were dating she was funny, kind and a blast to hang out with. Now, all she does is complain about how I don't do what she wants me to do. I feel like I got the bad end of the stick in this deal. We got married after only two months of dating and everyone loves to tell me they told me so. What do ...

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Junk in the bunk!

Dear Carolyn, My husband is almost a hoarder. I mean, his truck is full of junk. It takes 20 minutes to clear off his bunk just to sit on it! I nag, beg, threaten but he refuses to throw out what he says is his “stuff.” What exactly is the difference between “stuff” and “junk?” Patrice Dear Patrice, Junk=stuff we throw away. Stuff=junk we keep. Happy to help! I’m just say’n, Carolyn

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Is this cheating?

Dear Carolyn, I am 47 years-old and have been dating a trucker for about four months and things are going well. We have not really had the conversation to “determine the relationship” status yet but I assume we are exclusive. Anyway, I had to go to a work party and my guy was on the road. So, I asked a guy friend of mine to go with me. We had fun and it was strictly friendship. ...

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