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Truck parking push not over with Jason’s Law

Following the cheers that went up around the trucking community for the “Jason’s Law” truck parking legislation’s inclusion in the MAP-21 highway bill in June, owner-operators like Overdrive reader William McKelvie put a quick lid on the possibility of any resulting driver complacency relative to the parking problem. “While everyone has jumped on the proverbial happy happy joy joy bandwagon about Jason's law passing, we continue to have no answer as to the actual dollar amounts ...

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TIFIA transportation project loan program under fire

Congress will begin reconciling reauthorization bills that contain significantly increased funding for a somewhat controversial loan program.

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New load board hopes to facilitate O/O-shipper connections

UPDATE 10/18/2016 about No Broker Freight.com: Valerie Hemmings is the spouse of an owner-operator running under his own authority -- she recently wrote in with something of a plea for owner-operators to stand together for better rates, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the many permutations of middlemen in the ultimate carrier-shipper transaction. "Owner/Operators," she wrote, are "gasping for financial air because of the middlemen like brokers, agents and double-brokerage side-line agents, and fake brokers who ...

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