Where and when deer strikes are most likely

If there is a season for deer strikes out on the highway, State Farm reminds us in a recent analysis of customer data, we're in it -- with the worst of it yet to come. What were the circumstances the last time you hit (or closely missed) a deer on the road?

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The vampires among us

Fast on track to make the decision already and move to Oregon for the lush scenery, Wendy Parker discovers an undead revolution in our midst.

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Close encounters on the Alaskan ‘Haul Road’

Carlile Transportation driver Jim "J.D." Dobbs sees "a lot of wildlife" on somewhat regular runs on the Dalton Highway in Alaska to and from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. "Moose, caribou, things of that nature," he says. "Some are close calls – when you come over a hill on the way to Prudhoe Bay and a large herd of caribou may be crossing the road, for instance." But whoa, right? Dobbs describes the experience pictured here as "once in ...

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