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The 1,000,000-lb. challenge begins!

| September 14, 2013
Toby Bogard in 2010

Toby Bogard in 2010 — we’ll update with further shots as Bogard’s 1,000,000 Pound Challenge weight-loss competition continues through November. You can register to take part in the challenge yourself via this link

Driver Toby Bogard has been a familiar face on this blog over the years — longtime readers will remember his 2010 Semi Aware book schooling young drivers in safe driving habits around big trucks. Today, I’d like to encourage your participation in his latest project, the 1,000,000-Pound Challenge. Essentially, he says, he turned drivers-advocate brain to himself, after a visit to a doctor opened his eyes on a few things about his personal health.

The Con-way Truckload driver needed to lose weight, simply put. Problem is just how difficult that is to do while still on the road full-time as a driver — as many of you will no doubt know. Though while much gets said of how hard it is, you don’t have to look very long to see that such should not be the rule of the day when it comes to trucking and weight loss. Success stories abound.

Bogard’s is one such. While he says “it wasn’t easy,” Bogard managed to drop 40 pounds over time and to get into great shape, all while staying active as a driver. His physical transformation has been well documented on his Facebook page.

In his mind, a question was begged by his own experience: If one 40-year-old long-hauler can do it why can’t more?  

Enter Bogard’s 1,000,000 Pound Challenge. Yes, that’s a million pounds. It’s a friendly competition — with some prizes involved — with a social support strategy to spur on drivers interesting in losing weight. The competitive portion of it begins on September 30 and runs through November 30. To take part, fill out the registration form, including a recent picture of yourself, here. 

At once, like the contest’s Facebook fan page for news or join the Facebook group to share with other drivers taking part in its simple but important purposes: “To motivate and inspire drivers to lose weight and get healthy,” and “to provide a support group for drivers who want to get healthy but may be struggling or don’t know where to start.”

[youtube weJTsUGBUIQ nolink]

On September 12, Bogard was a guest on Allen Smith’s Truth About Trucking Live online radio show. To hear the archived replay of the program, follow this link.

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