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The ice truck cometh! And melt-eth…

| January 06, 2014

Canadian Tire ice truck


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More wild vids from Volvo Trucks

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Entry in the annals of, well, weird here on the Channel 19 blog, appropriately enough. The “ice truck” pictured, with a body sculpted primarily from big blocks of ice as part of a promotional stunt for Canadian Tire meant to showcase the cold-start power (down to -40 C) of the MotoMaster Eliminator battery, rolls out in the vid here: 

[youtube 3i_bsfwPE1s nolink]

And gets melted — well, de-melted, I guess you’d say, as it’s presented in reverse time-lapse — here:

[youtube HKooAaVZMbY nolink]

Find more videos featuring the pickup’s stages of production via the Canadian Tire YouTube site.

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