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Todd Dills

The price of ingenuity

| February 02, 2009

A perhaps unique scam comes to light via NorthJersey.com, in a report on 50-year-old trucker Allan Flores, who in January was charged with “theft of services and deceptive business practices,” as reported. What he allegedly did was avoid a cumulative $1,200 in tolls on the George Washington Bridge to Manhattan via a manual flip-up rig controlled from that cab that was tied to his front plate, allowing him to manually hide his number from video cameras by revealing a plate so grease-smudged it was illegible, Port Authority officers said. We know it’s common for some owner-operators to install flip kits to front bumpers, at great expense, but Flores’ custom addition, relatively cheap in terms of up-front costs, if he’s found guilty could well prove an expensive mod indeed. . .

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