The red, white and blue trucks of Hanover Logistics

| August 30, 2016



A decade ago, 3PL Hanover Logistics’ trucking company, Pennsylvania-based R.H. Crawford, could only afford to purchase used trucks. Unable to pick uniform fleet colors like most trucking companies, they bought what colors were available — often enough, those were red, white and blue.

Since then, they made the best of the situation by showing their patriotism and support for the United States of America by positioning them in a red, white and blue line up out front of their corporate offices (see above). When driving by the terminal, many people began to notice.


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Today, Hanover Logistics is considered one of the top 3PLs nationwide, the company says, and is able to purchase new trucks in whatever colors they prefer, yet they continue the R.H. Crawford tradition, choosing the colors of the flag and lining them up in the same order.

“We do this to show how our company feels about this great country and our way of life” says Hanover President Kurt Dietrich. “Whether we fly our flags high or buy trucks in our nation’s colors, we don’t take our freedom for granted and we love our country dearly and everything it stands for. God Bless the good old U.S.A. and those who work hard every day to preserve our way of life.”

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