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It’s complicated: Channel 19 year in review, part 3

Part 3 in this year in review, in which the "real Leroy Mercer" reared his head (sort of -- yeah, it's complicated), and Elves Trucking's time-card hours compliance strategy didn't look well in light of compliance-review waterboardings, and ...

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A little learnin’ and its opposite: Channel 19 year in review, part 2

Part 2 in this year in review picks up with Wes Memphis' transition to e-logs and plenty "unlearning" to be done ...

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Minute to midnight: Clock running out for speed limiters’ first public comment

"It is obvious to me that the majority of drivers use the speed limiter setting to determine their minimum driving speed," not the maximum. --Owner-operator Gary Buchs in his comment to the speed-limiter rule proposal docket, which closes Dec. 7 at 11:59 p.m -- late Wednesday night.

Read More and driver-songwriters raising funds to help deliver driver back home

Brotherhood of the highway: Part of the goal of an ongoing collaborative auction among four driver-songwriters intended to benefit the worthy organization, after a fellow hauler passed in Gallup, N.M.

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Do you carry CVSA’s out-of-service criteria book?

Former inspector/officer Andy Blair argues the book is anyone's best resource for challenging an out-of-service violation -- and an effective tool for other challenges as well. If only its electronic version was free, readers note...

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Regs outlook: Change is in the air

Between hope and a hard place: The potential import for owner-operators of a new federal administration as regards ELDs, speed limiters, CARB's pursuit of an Ultra-Low NOx emissions standard and more, from Western States Trucking Association rep and former O/O Joe Rajkovacz at NASTC's annual meeting.

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What are you thankful for?

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday this week, nearing the end of this rough-and-tumble year, what are you thankful for? Call 530-408-6423 to weigh in with a voice message.

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Of personal bests, the St. Christopher fund and truckin’, writin’ and runnin’

The competitive spirit of the Truckin' Runners Virtual 5K, benefiting the St. Christopher fund, yields a personal best, and an update: To date, the "Truckers Fund" has "given out more than $1.4 million on behalf of 1,653 drivers" in medical dire straits, for more than just medical expenses, too.

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Podcast: Paul Marhoefer’s ‘Old Black Epiphone’ record — stories behind the songs

Moeller Trucking driver and songwriter Paul Marhoefer's master stroke on the new "Old Black Epiphone" record -- sample songs and the stories behind them via this latest Overdrive Radio podcast interview.

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Professionals behaving unprofessionally: Letter from a truck stop maintenance man

The crux of Charles Brady's argument is that there's a strong current of unprofessional selfishness rearing its head in a lack of basic courtesy on offer from drivers at his truck stop. He pleas to the true professionals for help.

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